Zorb Football injuries are very uncommon.

For many people the experience is new so you need to use a provider you can trust. To help you decide whether or not the game is for you, we’ve outlined a few facts and tips which could help prevent zorb football injuries.

Zorb Football Injuries

Our sessions contain a mix of 5 aside and zorb games to add a bit of variety to your booking. Games include Demolition, Bulldog, 1v1, Sumo, Last Man Standing etc so it gets pretty competitive.


Zorb football is of course a physical activity and as with any physical activity there is a risk of injury even though you are in a protective bubble. The game is as impactful as you make it.

  • At the start of our sessions, instructions on how to enter the zorbs and wear the harnesses correctly are provided. The harnesses should be tight over your shoulders; they will keep you in the zorb. The straps are completely adjustable so if they aren’t tight ask the co-ordinator to adjust them.


  • Players should not jump into the air when going in for tackles. You are in a bouncy ball, when you jump in for a tackle you are not in control. You could bounce off and land awkwardly which could result in injury.


  • If players are down on the floor do not bash them, allow them to get up. Only bash/tackle a player during a game when they are strapped into the zorb correctly. Do not bash players when they are getting in/out of a zorb or waiting for a game to start.


  • We also advise participants to not fully sprint into tackles.  Jog in and be in control so that you can manage the impact.


  • Participation of Zorb Football under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Regardless of the occasion (stag, hen, bday event) any player under the influence will not be taking part.


  • We use adult sized, TPU commercial grade zorbs, the best on the market. They have been tested up to a height of 1.95m & 17st which is the recommended limit for player participation.


  • For Children, we also have TPU commercial grad zorbs which are suitable for 9 – 15 years. Children and adults are not allowed to participate against one another.


  • People with any underlying physical or respiratory health problems should not participate. Any underlying bone, joint or respiratory injuries could be put under strain from taking part in this physical activity.


  • Failure to comply with the above rules can result in player dismissals and termination of the session. Remember, being in the inflatable bubble does not make you invincible, we want people to have a good time and not have any zorb football injuries ruining your experience.

To see what zorb football is about, checkout some of the videos on our Facebook Page. If you think it’s for you then BOOK today with the UK’s favourite Zorb Football provider.